Cowboy Horseshoes

In front of the Office - Sunday
Game times are 12:30 p.m., 1:45 p.m. and 3:00 p.m.

CONTACT: Anita O'Brien 613-659-3987
ENTRY FEE: $2 per peron Children 12 & under - Free
PRIZES: 1st - 20 2nd - $10 3rd & 4th - $5
- Players toss circular washers onto a three-holed washer board.
- Points are scored when the washer drops into any of the three holes.
- All ages are welcome.
- Pre-registration half hour before each start time.
- Players not showing up by start time of their round forfeit their entry fee and their round.
- Each round takes approximately one hour.
- Each game consists of up to eight teams competing for their prize money.

Cowboy Horseshoes Rules
1. Contestants must sign the registration and waiver form and pay the registration fee.
2. Since there is no age restriction, contestants must be able to toss a washer onto the opposing board according to the game rules set out below.

1. The court area will be selected based upon available space, safety, comfort and convenience.
2. The two boards are 16"x48", constructed with 2"x4" frames, topped with GOS plywood (1/2" through 3/4") and surfaced with a short napped indoor/outdoor carpet (the carpet must not extend into the holes). There will be three 4" (plus or minus 1/8") holes in each of the two boards. One hole will be in the exact center of the board, with an additional hole twelve inches (center to center) in each direction.
3. The two boards will be connected by 10 foot lengths of rope, chain, cable, etc. to keep the distance between the boards consistent and correct.
4. Two sets of three standard 3" washers are required and each set must be of a different color or somehow marked differently.

1. The first (closest) hole is 1 point, second (middle) hole is 3 points and the third (farthest) hole is 5 points. Each time both sets of washers (all 6) are tossed, the points scored for each team are compared and the team which scored the most points is awarded the difference in the points just scored. (EXAMPLE: team A scores 4 points with their three washers and team B scores 10 points with their three washers. Team B is awarded 6 points).
2. Any washer which is bumped into a hole by another washer counts just as if it had been tossed into the hole. Foul tosses are removed from the board before the next washer is tossed (see FOULS).
3. A game will consist of 10 rounds, and the team leading at the end of the 10th round will be judged the winner. If they are tied at the end of 10 rounds, one-round playoffs will continue until there is a winner.
4. Each player tossing all 3 washers one time is a round. (EXAMPLE: in doubles all four players would toss their 3 washers one time)

1. Stepping past the front of the board with either foot before the washer has traveled the distance to the other board will be judged a foul.
2. Any washer which bounces or rebounds onto the playing surface of the board will be judged a foul.
1. Each game will consist of no more than 8 teams (2 players each) competing.
2. Teams will be selected by lot draw.
3. Pairing of teams will be sequential as each team is drawn(ie. Player 1 and Player 2 will be on Team 1; Player 3 and Player 4 will be on Team 2. Team 1 will play off against Team 2, Team 3 will play off against Team 4 etc.
4. Each game will be played using single elimination rules (the winning team advances to the next round while their opponent is eliminated from the game).
5. To begin the game, first toss will be determined by the toss of a coin or washer and thereafter, the first toss will go to the team being awarded points or in the event of no scoring, to the last team to score.
6. After the competition starts, contestants may have two rounds of warm up tosses before beginning their games.
7. Players may stand on the boards or beside them when making their tosses, but may not cross the foul line.
8. The foul line is the front edge of the board.
9. No player shall deliberately attempt to distract another player.
10. The player tossing first will toss all 3 washers, followed by the opponent from the other team tossing their 3 washers onto the same board.
11. Points are tallied and the difference awarded to the team with the most points.
12. The game will continue for 10 rounds and at the end of the 10th round; the team with the most points will be judged the winner (see scoring).
13. Each team is responsible for reporting their final score to the game official.
14. The Official may declare a forfeit if a team is not present and ready to play when the Official declares that it is time for their game to start.
15. The decisions of the Official are final.

1. Byes are used in the preliminary rounds of competition, when uneven numbers of teams occur in a column of a tournament bracket. The bye fills in the place of the missing team, and the team automatically paired with the bye wins and advances to the next bracket.
2. A team must never be advanced to the final playoffs via a bye.
3. The byes must be placed in selected positions of the tournament brackets, except for the finals, before the pairings are done by drawing lots.
4. The byes will be placed so that no team can receive more than one bye in the tournament.


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