Junior & Intermediate Division

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CONTACT: Tracy Grier 613-659-2571
COMMITTEE: Andrea Grier, Linda Stever
ENTRY FEE: 10% of prize money.
PRIZES: Juniors $5 - $4 - $3
Intermediates $10 - $8 - $6
ROSETTE - BEST OF SHOW: for each Age Division

- Age is as of January 1st of the current year and must be recorded on the Entry Form.
- No $5 Membership Fee is required.
- Where age categories are listed, children are allowed to enter classes above their age division but will be disqualified if entering classes below.
- Entries must be new work – not exhibited before!
- All food must be on a disposable plate, in a sealed plastic bag.

1. Fill out an Entry Form (located in this book) and bring
to registration.
2. Complete an Entry Tag (as per the instructions below)
for each exhibit entered.
3. Attach Entry tag to exhibit.

AGES 3 and UNDER (as of January 1st)
1. Draw a picture of a flower
2. Decorate a paper plate by displaying a sticker collection
3. Display your favorite flower in a recycled container
4. A collection in an egg carton (e.g. rocks, toy cars)
5. Artwork to give to Daddy
6. Decorate a vegetable and display on a paper plate
7. Display something you would find outside, in a glass jar
8. Trace your hand and decorate the shape
9. Make a paper plate jelly fish, ready to hang

AGES 4 and 5 (as of January 1st)
10. Flower arrangement in a mug
11. Create a card for your mother, from you
12. Using popsicle sticks display the word “FAIR” on a piece of paper
13. Create a cut and paste picture using blue and red
14. Something made with foam shapes
15. Make and decorate a crown
16. Write your first name on a piece of paper in RED
17. Draw a picture of you and your family
18. A play dough creation
19. A paper bag puppet
20. Make something from popsicle sticks

AGES 6 and 7 (as of January 1st)
21. “The Cow Jumped Over the Moon” flowers displayed in a milk carton
22. Make a Valentine’s Day card
23. Decorate a cookie or Rice Krispie square, displayed on a disposable plate. Judged on appearance only
24. Make an animal from cereal boxes, toilet paper and paper towel rolls
25. Make a paper plate animal
26. “Look what I found in grandma’s sewing basket”, displayed in a suitable box/container
27. Colour a picture from a colouring book
28. Make and decorate a snowflake, any material, ready to hang
29. Make a picture using cut out heart shapes
30. Make a creature from a clothes pin
31. Decorate a fly swatter

AGES 8 and 9 (as of January 1st)
32. Any plant started from seed, in a suitable container
33. Make a Christmas tree ornament
34. One item made out of LEGO, attached to a firm base
35. Make a mask
36. Collage of theme, “Celebrating 150 Years of Canada Down Home on the Farm”, maximum 10" x 12"
37. Make an airplane or vehicle from a plastic bottle
38. Make a wind chime, “theme related”
39. Any craft from a kit
40. Make a get well card
41. Make a flower from a spoon
42. Gift wrap a box for a birthday party
43. Using any material, display your first name

AGES 10 and 11 (as of January 1st)
44. Display of flowers in a toy
45. A Rice Krispie creation, judged on appearance only
46. 3 photos taken by me
47. Mason jar craft depicting a scene in a jar, named
48. Make a picture out of bird seed
49. Artwork on canvas, maximum 10" x 12"
50. Handmade jewelry
51. Display a healthy snack in a suitable container, must contain 3 items
52. An item made of LEGO, your original idea, mount on a base no larger than 12" x 12"
53. Finish the poem, in 4 - 8 lines, “Down Home on the Farm”
54. Make a craft using fabric, does not have to be sewn

AGES 12 and 13 (as of January 1st)
55. An arrangement made with flowers and vegetables
56. Make a vegetable creature
57. Three banana muffins, judged on taste and appearance-no nuts
58. Make a bird feeder, any material
59. Artwork - melted crayon art 60. 3 photos of “My Pet”, 4" x 6", mounted on Bristol board
61. Something made with wood
62. Artwork - Display the words “150 Years of Canada”, be creative
63. Make a Christmas ornament
64. One photo of something that is important to you, with written explanation, 4" x 6", mounted
65. Article of sewing or knitting
66. Artwork - “A Button Flower” Make a flower out of buttons


AGES 14 to 17 (as of January 1st)
67. 3 related photos, 4" x 6", mounted on Bristol board
68. A flower arrangement, suitable for a get well gift
69. Vegetable class – 3 carrots
70. Craft of your choice, not listed
71. 3 oatmeal cookies, judged on appearance and taste
72. Make a note to someone and incorporate words using candy/candy bar wrappers
73. Create a poem about the fair. Winning entry remains property of the L.A.S and may be used by the L.A.S
74. Fudge, any kind named, 3 pieces, judged on appearance and taste
75. Create a menu for Canada Day, using computer
76. Artwork depicting fair theme, no larger than 10" x 12"
77. Three photos mounted, “cat” or “dog”

78. Fair Book Cover
PRIZE: 1st - $50
The Junior Fairboard invites all youth 16 years of age or younger to design a cover that may be used for next year’s Prize Book. Use your imagination and share your ideas of what the Lansdowne Fair means to our community.
- size 8.5˝ x 11˝, black and white.
- must be handmade (no computer).
- must be displayed in a page protector.
- winning cover becomes the property of the L.A.S.
- may be altered for print.

79. Library Bookmark
PRIZE: 1st - $50
Leeds and the Thousand Islands Public Library invites all youth 16 years of age or younger to design a bookmark that shows why you love libraries or why you love reading.
- size 2.5˝ x 8˝, single sided, colour or black and white.
- must be handmade (no computer).
- must include a bookmark tassel (e.g. wool, string, etc.).
- winning bookmark becomes the property of the LTIPL.
- may be altered for printing and reproduction.

80. Baking Contest - Brownies (3)
PRIZE: 1st - $15
- open to all youth 17 years of age or younger.
- brownie recipe of your choice.
- 1 ½˝ squares.
- must be displayed on a paper plate in a Ziploc bag.

81. Chocolate Chip Cookie Competition - 3 cookies
PRIZES: $5 - $4 - $3
All youth up to the age of 15 years as of December 31 of the current year are invited to bake three chocolate chip cookies. The winner will be required to bake 8 cookies for the competition held in October at the district level. The exhibitor winning first prize will be contacted to make arrangements for their cookies to go to District II. Prize money at the District II level is: 1st - $10; 2nd - $8; 3rd - $6.
- Cookies must be no larger than 3˝ and no smaller than 2˝.
- No nuts.
- Cookies should be uniform in size and shape.
- Must be displayed on a paper plate in a Ziploc bag.


2017 Fair Dates...

July 21 to 23, 2017
Gates open at 3pm!

Homecraft Registration
July 20 at 7pm and
July 21 at 8am

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